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CAE based Engineering Process
- Concept Validation
- Virtual Proto Type
- Design Optimization • Developing Time Reduction
CAE(Computer Aided Engineering) is powerful and efficient tool for product development.
CAE is used in many cases such as concept validation, virtual prototype development and design optimization. It also can reduce the developing time and the development cost.
Intellectual Property Right
- Protection of Production Products
- Market Monopoly Power
- Utilization on R&D, Products, Future Technology
Robust Design Engineering
Reliability Validation Process / Testing
Number of Test Equipment
Test Equipment Categorized as Products in R&D Center
Project Management System
- Real time monitoring of the development status
- Development budget and cost reduction by efficient management system
- Flexible management system for adapting existing working process
- Building database of final deliverables on each process
Dashboard offers visible charts of current status out of database
Gate Review 7 steps & Deliverables